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Zimbabwe is ready to welcome you safely! Offering beautiful range of attractions and cuisines, we encourage you to come and visit Zimbabwe and experience the warm hospitality we are best well known for.

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For up to date information on specific destinations across Zimbabwe, follow this link. 

Ensure you plan you trip safely and with great excitement. 

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Zimbabwe at your fingertips

Visit any of Zimbabwe's 10 provinces and explore the extraordinary wonders we have to offer receiving a traditional warm Zimbabwean hospitality. 

More details can be found below at the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority 

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With over 3 main airports in Zimbabwe with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Zimbabwe is Harare (HRE) / Harare International Airport with flights to 12 destinations in 9 countries.

Click here for access to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe for more details 

1. Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (Harare)

2. Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (Bulawayo)

3. Victoria Falls Airport (Victoria Falls)

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Experience Zimbabwe

Wth a World of Wonders to choose from, we hope your trip to Zimbabwe will provide a chance to explore and experience all of Zimbabwe wonders and warm people to make your trip truly memorable. Please feel free to contact the Zimbabwe-Japan Embassy for any additional information you need on your next trip to Zimbabwe from Japan.


Whether you want to get up close and personal with African wildlife on an intimate walking safari through the African bushveld or want to experience the wild in the evening when animals are most active, as you watch the sun set over the African savannah in the Zambezi National Park. Spot majestic predators as they prepare for their nightly hunt or watch elephants sway in the twilight. A Victoria Falls safari will complete your trip to Zimbabwe and make for an unforgettable experience.


One of the greatest attractions in Africa and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa. 
With plenty to do from authentic cuisine, safari and outdoor activities and of course viewing the waterfalls. This is a truly unique experience!
Enjoy the majestic Victoria Falls with a helicopter ride or through a breathtaking bungee jump over some 111 metres.


Join in on activities from water sports, a lake cruise on the scenic Lake Kariba, hiking in the Nyanga mountains to exploring the namesake of Zimbabwe- The Great Zimbabwe ruins and discover the great history and architecture as you have never seen before.

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